Prayer Request for Rehab Center


Greetings to all in the name of Jesus!

We’ve still been preaching in this drug rehab center in Tijuana. There is always a handful of new men every time we show up. A few leave (or run away) and a few new come. So there’s a handful of new faces (actually many new faces compared to when we first started preaching). Anyway, I have an urgent prayer request.

So after Sean preached to the men last Wednesday, we had an open Question and Answer session. These men are struggling and most of them are utterly bound by the devil and they know it. So in the midst of answering a question, we began to expound on how Jesus can set them free instantly by the power of God, and we began to exalt the power of grace in the new birth and Jesus’ victory over Satan. When I told them that addiction is not of God, and that it is of the Devil, and that it is demonic bondage, and that Jesus defeated it, they all with seemingly one accord began to agree. “This whole place is filled with demons!” they began to say. “They are everywhere!” “We all have demons!”

“Can you help us?” “Do you have special power to deliver us?” they asked. I replied, “No. We don’t. But Jesus does! And as His people, He has given us authority to use His name!” One said, “You guys do this? You cast demons out?” I said, “Jesus said these signs will follow them that believe, in my name they shall drive out demons…” One guy said in near disappointment and total defeat, “But don’t we need to have faith to get delivered?” I told him, “No! You just need to have a sincere desire to repent from your sin, renounce it, and to serve the Lord and follow Him. If you lack faith, we will believe for you, and Jesus will deliver you when we pray!”

You see, I know Jesus will deliver them when we pray, because I’ve seen Him do it every time there is a sincere heart, even if it’s a sincere heart full of unbelief. As long as there is hunger, and desire, and desperation, God will meet them at the point of weakness.
We told them that we would be back Sunday to pray and drive demons out of those who sincerely want to be free and serve the Lord. So we asked them which ones wanted deliverance from demons. Immediately, no less than 5 men desperately said they did and we wrote down their names one by one. Soon, no less than 5 more gave us their names, saying they wanted to meet with us when we came back so we could pray for them to be delivered. Ultimately, there was at least a dozen saying they wanted us to pray for them Sunday for deliverance from demons.

I know there’s a few true prayer warriors on this list who pray for us regularly. So please pray for the power of the risen Christ to shine forth gloriously and deliver these men and set them free from the bondage of the enemy and give them new hope and life and new beginnings! Pray for me, and Lina, and Sean, that we would be anointed with the Holy Spirit and power and faith to defeat to powers of darkness that’s ruining these men’s lives! Pray for total, miraculous breakthrough, for deliverances, healings, and new births! We are planning on being there all day Sunday, as we have a lot of work lined up for us with all this.

God bless you all. Grace and peace to the saints of God in Jesus Christ the Lord.

In Christ – Josef