Is God Calling YOU???

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Check out this video. I don’t know who the people are who made it, or anything about the website, and I don’t endorse it (neither do I not endorse it), as I don’t know anything about them, but I wanted to post this video here and encourage you all to WATCH IT!!!


If we truly lived as Kingdom-minded pilgrims on this earth, and worried not about our own welfare, our own comforts, our own agendas, but were utterly consumed with following HIM, and doing what He commanded, and loving our neighbors as ourselves and seeing to it that they have a chance to hear the Gospel, how different would our lives be?

Nearly a third of the world has never heard of Jesus Christ, or within the midst of their people groups, have not had a true witness of His saving power and the Church established. Think about it! While we spend nearly all our efforts reaching to already-evangelised America, a third of the world perishes for lack of knowledge! While America has heard and rejected the Gospel, these peoples have never had a chance to even hear!

All children of God are called to help fulfill the Great Commission. And to answer the question in the title of this post, YES YOU ARE CALLED BY GOD, if you are a saint. Have you ever considered packing up, forsaking all, and just GOING? Leaving it all behind… your stable, confortable life, your families, your friends, your job, your familiar surroundings, and offering your life to the service of God, and if neccesary, your blood for the Gospel’s sake? To go to the nations, where they’re ALL lost, they’re ALL dead in trespasses and sins, they’re ALL abiding under the wrath of the Almighty?

We’re wasting our time praying for revival in America, an already evangelized nation, when she has had numerous revivals, and already has a strong Christian influence and church established- Yet, many nations around the world have not only never seen revival, but they’ve never heard the name of Jesus! And if we gathered our tears and travails and prayers together and focused them all on the unreached then God would actually answer our prayers for revival!!!

You may not be called to GO personally to the mission field. Just ask God. But as Paul Washer said, you are either called to go down into the well, or you are called to hold the rope. If you can’t go yourself, what you can do is send others who are called and are willing to go.

I believe the greatest opportunity for the saints in America to reap eternal dividends right now is not to sit around and talk about the error of the modern Babylonian system all day and then pray for revival every now and then. And there are NO commands in the ENTIRE New Testament to keep praying for revival in a Gentile nation that has already heard, rejected, and apostasized from the true Gospel. But the greatest opportunity for the saints in America is by using this time of an open door to the nations, to send forth laborers to gather the harvest of the nations! America, even with the economy going downhill now, still has an open window of opportunity, and the saints are still blessed to bless others with the neccesary funds to go. And the time of this open window is short, which means it’s time NOW to thrust out and launch forth the Gospel nets and gather in the end time harvest around the world!

No other nation sends as many missionaries as America, and this is true for a number of reasons, namely because of America’s financial abundance and great resources. Yet, did you know that slightly more money is actually stolen from church treasuries (by pastors, treasurers and secretaries) than what goes to reach lost peoples who have never heard the Gospel? And while this is true, and we could point a finger at them and shame them, how many of the “revived” crowd who “have everything right” are reaching out to the world, if not personally, then by sending others with their resources? They might not steal personally from church bank accounts, yet they steal from God by living in luxury and self-indulgence while the world perishes and Gospel workers need funds!

Do you go out to eat and spend $20-30 dollars at a time with your family to eat just one meal? Yet, you could eat much more simply and give the extra money to missions and it wouldn’t hurt you, yet it would reap eternal rewards. For $30 a month you can help sponsor a full-time Gospel for Asia missionary ( who is out preaching the Gospel and planting churches while we’re arguing on message boards!

There’s so much more I could say, but just wanted to encourage the true saints of God to think about your focus. Think about the heart of God for the lost. Think about the Lamb of God and the blood He shed to redeem peoples from every tribe and people and language and nation. And pray and ask Him what He would have you to do to reach out. And don’t think you need a dream or vision or special revelation to start obeying the Great Commission! Either go down into that well, or hold the rope while others do!

I believe the time is so short, namely, before terrible physical disaster strikes America and she is no longer able to supply missionaries to the world. The TIME IS NOW to start investing in the nations. If God is calling you to go, then GO! And if not, then SEND!

If you haven’t yet, watch the above video, and PRAY FOR THE LOST AROUND THE WORLD.

In Christ -Josef