To Continue…

Well, it looks like I had some readers after all…

Now, brethren, I certainly don’t seek to measure the success of my endeavors in terms of numbers, not in ministry, not in evangelism, and not in writing either. However, if there are never any numbers, then I realize that my time can better be spent on other things which will see more fruit produced from my labors. So seeing this fact and the fact that time is precious and needs to be redeemed for the glory of God, I called into question whether to continue this blog. But seeing that there are brethren who come here and read now and then, I plan on continuing to post here for the edification of the saints.

I will try to update this blog regularly from now on, but if there comes times where I don’t, just be patient and check back later.




One thought on “To Continue…

  1. Thank you brother. I understand what you are saying about prioritizing your time. I hope that the decision to continue will be time well spent for all involved. Thanks again.

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