No response…

I may be discontinuing this blog since there is no response from anybody. Any objectors?

In Christ -Josef


6 thoughts on “No response…

  1. Please do not discontinue. I truly have enjoyed reading your
    meditations and the sound doctrine you preach. I pray for you and Lina whenever the Lord brings you to my mind. May God continue to use you in reaching those that are lost in the apostate Roman Catholic Church as I once was.

    May the Lamb who was slain receive the reward of His suffering!

    In Christ,

    Socorro Olivarez

  2. Ultimately, you have to do what God will lead you to do.

    So I won’t try to persuade you one way or the other.

    But…if you won’t be coming back here, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for what you’ve written. I have read many things you have written here and elsewhere (revivalschool, streetpreacher, sermonindex), and have been blessed over and over.

    If you do discontinue the blog, but still have something to say but want to make sure somebody is reading, shoot me an e-mail.

    Have a wonderful day in the Holy Ghost!

  3. Brother -I just FOUND this blog. I must of had on of your old ones in my faorites so I thought you just weren’t updating anymore!

  4. I love your site Brother. I read and pass on your writings by e mail – I come on ocassion to see what is new. It could be that many times there is a lag between posts and if some come and don’t see any new material for a while they eventually forget to come back – I find I do that myself. This is not to criticize at all – it is obvieous you have much more important things to do then be on here and spend all your time writing – but that may be one reason. The other may be the truth is to hard to handle! God bless you in all you do.
    Bob M

  5. Please keep your blogg going. You never know who you are touching. Even if its just one. Its worth it. Keep on writing,keep on preaching! You are an encouragement to us all.

    In Christ


  6. The merit of your writings have nothing to do with responses or blogs. If your meditations stand alone in careful and sincere thought, discernment, and rightly divided scripture, then no comment is needed whether it be positive or negative.

    Some, like myself, have thought about blogging on here but as a former Catholic I refrained from speaking on issues such as Catholicism as I didn’t want to start an endless debate. Having been a Catholic and still among a proud Irish Catholic family, I can atest to the rampant deception of the Church (not that other denominations aren’t deceived or wayward) and can testify to the ‘eye opening truth’ of being born again and understanding God’s word as it should be understood and not how it was taught. It’s all about Christ. I see Christ all through the Bible… from beginning to end. I see the types and shadows of Him and understand that rituals and traditions was a means and not and end.

    The cross and resurrection did away with all rituals and traditions and gave us the Holy Spirit who is ‘Christ in us’ who shatters all things pertaining to man’s attempt to draw near in tradition, ritual, dogma, and anything else pertaining to organized and contrived religion. If my family could only see what I now see. It’s heartwrenching and lonely to be apart of…. but the revelation of truth gives me joy I could never receive elsewhere in this world. So, I pray more than I debate as I don’t believe that argument, even in truth, opens the ears to truth. So I refrain from endless points and counterpoints as it starts to become intellectual bantering rather than teaching in love and spirit. That said, good sound teaching is necessary for the Christian and the un-born because if the Spirit does come to someone, the will be validated in what they have suspected but could not put into words.

    So please continue in your posts and writings. The blessings of such will not always be seen by you…. God will make sure of that so as to test your faith in obedience regardless of validation.

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